Hello traveler,

For my first post I choose not to write about any kind of crisis or problems.

I choose to write a short story about friendship that I think can help you stay connected with your own.

In my case, life made us part our ways onto different destinies, so for some time I was ok with the fact that we cannot hang out as we used to.

Then adulthood made a little mountain upon my shoulders, and I missed my friends more than ever.

I knew that they have their own problems and that everything is crazy hard to maintain, so I conceived with a plan to jump start our relationships through only thing we three would never give up – yup……it`s music.

I know that Music is living entity of its own. It is constantly evolving and complimenting our ever changing moods and taste. I wanted to capture that taste in a moment of time and send it to my friends.

Music that someone listens can tell you a lot about that person, if you only try to read it right. With keen listening, you could discover what your friends are thinking and aspiring to.

You don`t have to agree in music, and that is the beauty of it.

We are going to circle one magic USB between us like one form of music diary.

With hope that it will be the corner stone of new, rebuilt and even stronger friendship foundation we weave our life`s passion into this tiny tech device, song by song.

I love my friends, and I want to give them praise they deserve and to keep them in my life as best support they truly are.

So this post is tribute to all people out there who want to connect and keep their friendships alive and true, and of course to My friends.