Desert winds are often too preoccupied with their own games, the restless games of desert wolves. Not one of them will ever notice that in their playfulness they push a bunch of scared grains of sand towards the Red sea.

Only because of this everlasting game, fidelity is not the strongest value of sand grains. What for? When each moment can be the one that will break you apart from your loved one, and yes… love indeed exists between grains of sand.

It is highly uncommon to meet lasting love in this particular case, but nonetheless, He and She were connected with the force stronger than almighty power of desert winds. Or so they thought.  They rolled together…and often drift apart, but always would find their way back to each other.

Today is not that day.

In a blink of an eye, they were thrown into the red abyss of the sea, their connection shattered in one moment, but it was enough.

Alone, terrified, and lost, He looked for Her for a long time. In fact, he search for Her so long, that currents changed, as well as the color of the sea and the sea life with its residents. He persisted, and kept his search well and true, fueled  with the hope that he will find Her again, and once again, even for the briefest moment feel once again the feeling of completeness, loyalty and sense of belonging.

Rarely His passion left him tired and heedless, but in one unfortunate case, he was sucked into the pearl dungeon of enormous seashell.

He stumbled in the darkness, feeling the dark and looking for the signs of freedom when hope failed him utterly. Close to despair, He picked up a faint sound. First it was  soft, barely noticeable, but build up gradually into something that can only be HER voice!

It took him several seconds to reach her, but in His mind the road lasted forever, and Yes. He found Her.

She was grotesquely twisted into the large coil of other unfortunate grains, with no chance of salvation. She tried to call to Him, but Her body failed her before She even uttered the word.

Long after…too long actually, He sat beside her holding Her numb hand in His own in dead silence.


Unimaginable fury and rage consumed Him, as He let go of His own life with great blast and divine light, never dropping Her hand.

The strength of His fury revealed years later when young snorkel diver Jainga picked up from the bottom of the NotSoPacific Ocean dead old seashell which kept in her belly the secret of the Black Pearl, the most beautiful and rarest of all the known pearls.