No, it’s not bullshit.

Epic fantasy is still important part of my life and is fused to my character today. I know that a lot of you may feel that way, so I decided to share what I have learned.

I know that from every book you can actually learn something if you only wish to, and that everyone enjoys books in different ways.

Only difference that is shown to me with epic fantasy, is that no other genre is tackling so profoundly the fight between right and wrong.

In my previous post, I recommended a short start up guide for epic fantasy.

I will return to those and say what exactly I learned and how it affected me and my everyday life.

From Tolkien’s brilliance I gained gifts of Chivalry and Imagination. His books were entrance ticket to the world of possibilities. Clear line between right and wrong, true friendship and spiced fairy tale world full of extraordinary creatures fed my imagination and creativity.

From “The Riftwar Saga” Raymound E. Feist I gained gifts of Patience, Sacrifice and Discipline.

From Pug’s hard work on learning basics of magic I learned that hard work may lead to unexpectedly good outcomes. It helped me understand that discipline and patience are two most valuable elements in gaining a good education as foundation of my present comforts.

Through one scene of fighting in the sewers when two guardians of Arutha’s deliberately closed the exit door behind them condemning themselves to be burned alive with the living dead, showed me the limits of my person. Duty and courage lead those two to that action, and their sacrifice showed me that I could have never done it. Thinking about that limit, made me draw a new line in understanding myself.

From  George R. R. Martin I took glimpse of the Duty, Integrity, Love and Loyalty for the family  and Perversion of the  injustice, treachery and deceit.

My favourite scene is Ned’s dream about knights of the Kingsguard – where words and outcome of that scene are still echoing in my resolve to keep my integrity and honor intact.

From Stephen R. Donaldson and his masterpiece “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant“ I recognized my profound love for our Earth and that I have true sense of empathy towards others and that I can use those gifts to achieve small victories everyday. From this book and devotion of others to this broken man, I learned to treasure my friends and care for them not only in my heart, but to show them that every day. From Haruchai I learned that stubbornness can be great virtue if it is properly directed in defending your home, honor, integrity and love.

With this post I laid my heart open, and these are true gifts I received.

Now, I would like to read what you have brought with yourself reading epic fantasy. In what manner epic fantasy affected your life?